When you’re talking about computers, most of the time you’re talking about Windows computers. Microsoft is the market leader in software for many consumers and companies. Windows, until very recently, was also prominent in the mobile phone market. A VPN for Windows is therefore of great importance in the fight against cyber criminality. Every step that makes it more difficult for hackers and other nosy figures to spy on you is a victory.

Why do you need a VPN for Windows?

Windows is not only popular with consumers and companies; shady public authorities from several countries as well as cybercriminals like Windows very much. It’s safe to say that Windows’ popularity has led to extra attention from people who are out for information that you don’t want to share, like bank details or that one picture that they can use to blackmail you. Most phishing emails and viruses are found on Windows devices, regardless of whether they run on Windows 10 or an older operating system of Microsoft.
So what happens when you want to install a VPN on a Windows device? A VPN helps individual users to stay safe and anonymous online. It does this by leading your signal through a digital tunnel from the moment you go online. At the same time, it masks your location. Your IP address gets replaced by a temporary address that is used by the VPN server you use to connect to the internet. These two measures make sure that the origin of your internet traffic is untraceable. This way computers that harass you with personalized advertisements won’t know what to do with you. Hackers won’t know what to do with your signal either if they even manage to intercept it. The heavy encryption makes your data unreadable and will take a long time for any hacker to crack this encryption and make use of your data.

 VPNs for Windows Phone

Windows was also active in the mobile phone market until recently. Currently, they are no longer producing phones and are phasing out their mobile operating system. This makes it even more important to have a secure connection, as not all the security systems are being kept up to date on Windows Phones.

OpenVPN for Windows?

There are different flavors of VPN for Windows. From free apps to paid ones and from ‘open source’ VPN (also called OpenVPN) that techies can tinker with to user-friendly subscriptions. Almost all VPN providers offer a Windows version, but you should always pay attention to the differences. Some providers focus on the mobile phone market and only have an app for Windows phones, while others are more focussed on the PC market. In other respects, it doesn’t really matter which VPN provider you choose, so long as it suits all your requirements. Do you want to know what those are? Then you should read our helpful article What’s the best VPN service?
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