Virtual Private Networks also known as VPN, have been in use for a while nowadays. Now and then the network providers offer amazing VPN Sales and deals. And only once a year, during Christmas sales, those deals become extremely advantageous. And we are ready to share with you the best offers for Black Friday And Cyber Monday VPN sales.

Is Cyber Monday Worth Waiting for?

Before we give you the answer to that, let’s check this out together. How many Mondays do you think there are in 2019? You got it! 52 Mondays! That’s a whole lot of Mondays. 

Of the 52 Mondays, on how many do you get to spend less while buying more? Just One! So I’ll ask again… Is Cyber Monday worth waiting for? You bet it is!

What in the World is Cyber Monday?

We know there are some people who do not know what cyber Monday means, so let’s spill. The term refers to the Monday preceding the Thanksgiving holiday, on which retailers offer massive price slashes, in a bid to spur people to shop online.

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Black Friday Sales

Now let’s shift to Black Friday sales! This is almost the same as Cyber Mondays. Only this time, it happens on the Friday right after Thanksgiving. For this year, Cyber Monday falls on December 2 while Black Friday is on November 29. To mark the start of the Christmas shopping season, retailers offer a massive price reduction to their customers on some if not all their products and services.

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Heads up: The focus of the next section is VPN Cyber Monday deals and VPN Black Friday sales. Keep reading and you’ll find something interesting…

Cyber Monday and Black Friday VPN Deals

Now, let’s get started with the top Black Friday deals. Here are my best picks of amazing deals for you. Let’s get to it!

Top List of VPN sales

Score: 9.3

5 Euro VPN offers up to 75% off, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. It is one of the best all-around VPNs on the market and unlocks the American Netflix like a beast! Definitely worth a try.

  • Fast and really cheap
  • No restrictions
  • Very user friendly
  • Free trial
  • Relatively small server park
  • Mobile apps lack advanced features
Score: 9

On the NordVPN Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals you can save as high as 83% on your purchases. You can get a 3-year NordVPN plan with 3 months extra of NordLocker App for $125 instead of $466. How cool is that?!

  • Sizeable server network in 56 countries
  • Fast connections and IKEv2 protection
  • Supports Netflix, Bittorrent and Tor
  • Free 3-day trial
  • Some servers are unstable
  • App could have been more elaborate
Score: 8.9

ExpressVPN Black Friday deals are also something to look out for on the top VPN sales for 2019.  ExpressVPN will be offering as high as 87% off all deals. With 12 month subscription, you will get 3 extra free months, equivalent to 49% off the 1-month price. It comes down to 6.67$ per month average. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss this chance!

  • Large server fleet and available countries
  • Good apps for different operating systems
  • Good speeds
  • Relatively expensive
  • No free trial
Score: 7.2

PureVPN also don’t lag behind with their Black Friday Deals and ready to offer something beyond your expectations. Only for Black Friday PureVPN allows you to buy a 5-year plan for 79$ which is 88% off the original price of 578$!

  • Special function for public WiFi networks
  • Company subscription
  • VPN hotspot
  • Split tunneling option
  • Documents session logs
  • Has had troubles with DNS leak in the past
  • Restrictions on money-back guarantees
  • Android app prone to crashing
Score: 8.6

TrustZone brought to us a fair, well-rounded deal of 50$ for 2 years plan, which could save you 74% off original price of 191$. If you haven’t familiar with this provider – check out our review and be ready to take advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials!

  • Private server network
  • Fast connections and good security
  • Automated IP-address swapping
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Apps are complicated for starters
  • Bit expensive
  • No Netflix support
Score: 7.6

IPVanish is one you want to check out! Nothing crazy, just a good, solid option 74% off for 1 Year Plan which is only 56$ instead of 213$.

  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Free trial
  • 10 day money-back guarantee
  • Slightly slower than competitors
  • Only has an app for Windows
  • Few functionalities for advanced users

Now, a Little Recap to Conclude

I’m certain by now if you are asked the question are Cyber Monday and Black Friday worth waiting for? you’ll be sure to say yes because you know it is worth it. While you shop for other things you’ll need, don’t forget to take advantage of the VPN sales.