Twitch experiences major data leak

Twitch experiences major data leak

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, Twitch โ€“ one of the world’s biggest gaming streaming platforms owned by Amazon โ€“ confirmed a massive data breach after it was reported by Video Games Chronicles.

The confirmation came soon after an anonymous individual posted over 120 gigabytes of data on 4chan. The leaked data contained what the perpetrator called the platform’s source code, as well as information on how much some of Twitch’s top streamers earn.

Even though the legitimacy of the data is still not confirmed, some of the streamers affected by the leak did confirm that it was completely accurate:

Currently, Twitch is said to be conducting a thorough investigation into the data breach and the extent of the information leaked and users affected. Out of precaution, the streaming platform has also reset everyone’s stream keys:

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