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Headquarted in Switzerland, which is known for its unwavering commitment to privacy, ProtonVPN offers more than 1000 servers, including ones that are configured for Peer-2-Peer and TOR.


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ProtonVPN review

In 2017, one of the most famous email services, ProtonMail, launched a new product, ProtonVPN. This was considered as a response to the increased online surveillance and threats. Headquarted in Switzerland, which is known for its unwavering commitment to privacy, ProtonVPN offers more than 1000 servers in 54 countries. Some of them are marked as configured for Peer-2-Peer and TOR, which is really convenient in terms of UX. At the same time, dedicated servers are only available to paying subscribers.

Windows app secure core

ProtonVPN Speed Test

Interestingly, with Secure Core, you get maximum security, but ping delays are high. If you use the standard modes, you will get pretty decent connections. Proton servers’ connection speed is surprisingly good in such regions as South Africa and India. While not comparable to connections in the EU, they showed better results than some other well-known VPN providers. You should take into account that the performance between EU and US servers can differ significantly. Also, when connecting to an overloaded server, expect speeds to be dropped.

Dutch server speed test
US server speed test

ProtonVPN streaming services support

Most of the streaming services restrict some TV shows and movies based on geolocation. With the free VPN, you can hardly unlock Netflix. You will be able to watch blocked content only with the Plus server. To get this option, you should select Plus or Visionary subscription plan. In the Android and iOS apps, you’ll see the Plus Servers list. In macOS and Windows apps, it will be a P icon on display. To unblock Netflix content, you’d better use one of the US servers.

To unblock Hulu on desktop, you need to connect to the Plus server in the U.S. Why is it essential to use Server Plus? Like other streaming platforms, Hulu combats VPN services for breaking its policy. If the company detects that you are using ProtonVPN, it will block the content. With the Plus Server the chances it happens are slim.

Amazon Prime Video
With ProtonVPN, you can get Amazon Prime Video versions for Germany, UK, and the US. Thus, you will get access to the original content from Amazon, such as The Man in the High Castle, Transparent, and Sneaky Pete. English Premier League games can be also watched via ProtonVPN on Amazon Prime Video.

BBC iPlayer
To watch BBC iPlayer through ProtonVPN you will need to connect to the Plus UK server, log into BBC iPlayer, then sit back and relax.

Disney+ has already bought the Marvel Universe, the Star Wars franchise, National Geographic shows and documentaries, and Pixar films. Classic Disney films and some content from 21st Century Fox are also available on this platform now. Thanks to ProtonVPN, you can unlock the Germany, Italy, UK, and US versions of Disney Plus.

HBO Max may seem a little like Disney+, but it is packed with absolutely different content. It streams shows from the WarnerMedia library, including TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, and all Warner Bros. and DC films. HBO Max is famous for such titles as The Wire, Deadwood, Friends, Wonder Woman, Rick & Morty, etc. The library also includes many classics and novelties from the original production. ProtonVPN users can watch all of this and even more, being anywhere in the world.

ProtonVPN for gaming

Did you know that online players are often spied on? A threat to your privacy may even be hidden in game design! For example, when you use your webcam or microphone to chat with other players. Some companies record your data to sell it to advertisers, while others collect vast amounts of data for their purposes. No one can be sure that their data is safe on gaming companies’ servers: probably, you’ve already heard stories about hacker attacks and data leaks. Indeed, fraudsters can steal your identity and damage your reputation in the gaming community.

Another reason to use ProtonVPN for gaming is its server park. Either you are playing Counter-Strike, or PUBG, you can switch to any other server any time.


Is Proton VPN Safe? ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland and the Swiss are potent advocates of privacy. The website’s privacy statement is clearly worded and seems to rule out most forms of logging.

All ProtonVPN apps use OpenVPN with IKEv2 encryption by default. When testing the connections, we found no leaks. Your DNS-requests are sent through ProtonVPN DNS, and your location and IP address remain entirely hidden from the websites you visit. Besides, KillSwitch works excellent on the desktop.

For those who are looking for the maximum protection of online privacy, ProtonVPN offers Secure Core. This feature efficiently transfers your data across multiple VPN servers. It makes it very difficult for other people to determine your exact location, but it comes at the cost of a slight decrease in speed. Secure Core connections use dedicated servers located in secure bunkers in Switzerland, Sweden, and Iceland. All of these countries have excellent privacy records.


ProtonVPN is one of the few providers that offer a genuinely free VPN with no data limits.

We are not fans of free VPNs, though, as they are often quite questionable. However, if you want to use a free VPN, ProtonVPN is a very decent option. The free version grants you access to standard servers in three countries: the Netherlands, Japan, and the U.S. These are slower than the premium ones, but they are sufficient for regular web and social media browsing.

For $4 a month you get a basic ProtonVPN subscription. You can access available servers from two devices. Please note that this subscription doesn’t give you access to the US Netflix servers (they are included in Plus-sub).

pricing ProtonVPN

For $8 a month you can access Plus servers and use up to five devices. You also get dedicated P2P and TOR servers, as well as Secure Core and Secure Streaming, which are used to access Netflix and other media platforms in the U.S.

There is also a Visionary subscription that includes Protonmail’s most expensive subscription and provides up to 10 connections. It will cost you $24 per month. This might be an exciting offer for those who already use Protonmail, which is considered to be one of the world’s most secure email providers. Whilst basic package looks good, the Plus subscription is the most versatile and popular.


The ProtonVPN app looks very nice, there you can quickly find the features you want. By default, the application uses the IKEv2 encrypted protocol, one of the best security options available today. The interface has a handy map next to the server list. It allows you to connect to specific locations manually, however, the server’s final choice is up to the application. Below the map is a monitor that displays your network speed — an excellent add-on for monitoring server performance without running an external speed test.

settings ProtonVPN

Users can create specific profiles that will automatically connect to the fastest server or specific country. Another interesting option is split tunneling, which allows you to configure certain programs not to use a VPN connection. It helps these programs use your regular fast connection at the cost of losing data security. Of course, your other traffic that still goes through the VPN is always safe.

Proton VPN for Android and iOS works in the same way as the desktop application. All functions available to Windows and macOS users are present on mobile devices. The app is fast, easy, and reliably prevents data leaking.

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