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RUSVPN has been in the business for just 1 year but it has soon become pretty known when it comes to improving cybersecurity. Besides the basic functions like hiding IP addresses or preventing stalking, RUSVPN also helps clients with various activities like streaming or gaming.


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As of 2020, RUSVPN has attracted more than 200,000 users worldwide. Headquartered in Dominica – a country outside the 5, 9, and 14 eyes group, RUSVPN is able to apply security policies like no logging and no information sharing. That’s why many users consider RUSVPN to be a trustful service whenever they look for protection on the web.

Despite its young age, the network of this VPN has reached 362 servers in 38 countries, covering all continents, including strict regions like China.

RUSVPN Speed Test

Apart from the limited number of servers, RUSVPN manages to maintain a lightning speed in certain cases. With the physical location in the Asia Pacific, we tried connecting to the US server. The result showed alrussvpn-speed-testmost no difference in the connection speed between before and after turning the VPN on.  russvpn-servever-speed-test

Ping is also kept at a low rate of 2 or 3 ms. It means, you can watch movies or play online games with no lag or buffering.

RUSVPN streaming services support


Since Netflix started blocking VPN it could be a real challenge to find a provider which is able to bypass the streaming giant’s restrictions. Fortunately, RUSVPN provides specific servers to help clients access and stream from Netflix with ease.

BBC iPlayer

It is good to know that RUSVPN also supports BBC iPlayer. However, as reported by many users, the VPN can conflict with several ad blockers so before connecting make sure you turned off unnecessary extensions.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime has emerged as a potential competitor with Netflix. It owns several popular franchises including the legendary The Lord of the Rings. You can always connect to this exciting streaming platform with various servers offered by RUSVPN.

RUSVPN For Gaming

In order to use the VPN for XBOX or PlayStation you will need to set up RUSVPN for your Wi-Fi router. By doing that, the whole network will be under-covered by the VPN and your gaming device is a component of that. As such, you can rest assured and enjoy the gaming time without worries about leaking your identity.

To save your time finding the proper servers, you can see the best ones for each activity on the RUSVPN website. For example, the above picture is the top 3 choices if you want to stream Netflix.

Torrenting (P2P)

Peer-to-Peer Network Connection is among the easiest and cheapest ways to share data. Nonetheless, its openness makes torrenting vulnerable to cybercrime. RUSVPN can help you hide your real IP address and encrypt the whole transferring data, thus, shielding you from attacks.


RUSVPN needs information like your email and your IP address. The email is for authentication and receiving updates or other notifications. Meanwhile, the IP address is collected priorly so RUSVPN can optimize and give you the best connection. Please note that RUSVPN gets your IP but doesn’t store it in compliance with Dominican law.

According to the no-log policy, RUSVPN keeps nothing from your connection history regardless of IP address, cookies, bandwidth, traffic or connection timestamp.

You won’t be disturbed anymore by advertisements or suggested things that you don’t want to see since the internet provider can’t get anything from you from now on.


RUSVPN is quite new in comparison with other famous brands; therefore, they offer competitive prices via 3 subscription plans:

  • Month to month: $9.99
  • 1- year plan: $59.88 or $4.99 per month
  • 3-year plan: $107.64 or only $2.99 per month russvpn-price

You can make payment by various methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Qiwi
  • Bitcoin


Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces are present in both mobile and browser versions. You just need to pick your favorite server and the system will do the rest for you. Furthermore, the application also provides useful tools in the settings like auto-connection, connect to the last selected location or connect to the recommended location to make the user experience more comfortable.

Top-3 RUSVPN Features

  1. Kill-Switch: This function will shut down your connection when RUSVPN stops working unintentionally, thus it will make sure your real IP address is not being uncovered in that sensitive time.
  2. Automatic Protocols: Instead of choosing the protocol manually, the system does it for you to adapt to your activities like gaming or streaming.
  3. Double VPN: Your traffic gets encrypted twice so it has a second layer of protection, thus ensure the data within is completely private.


In summary, RUSVPN can cut loose all the scrutiny of either the government or hackers. This VPN can also be a good choice for wide range of activities like streaming or gaming where stable and fast speed are important.

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