Could you find someone who doesn’t like listening to music and doesn’t have favorite songs? That task would be pretty hard, right? Probably, even harder than you can imagine. Did you know that there are almost 300 million music addicts all over the world who have access to the largest song library and even don’t mind AI to guess their preferences? We are talking about Spotify, a Swedish music streaming service, available in 120 countries. As of 2020, its catalog has more than 50 million songs and 4 billion playlists.

What are the most attractive Spotify features?

Spotify offers to legally listen to tracks online from a huge music catalog, which has tons of albums that are not available on other platforms. The main advantage of Spotify is its music selection algorithms that adapt almost perfectly to the tastes of the listeners. Best of the year and summer tracks, along with something that once played on repeat are also available here. Spotify also has personalized radio stations based on users’ preferences. Finally, this is a very convenient synchronization in the service: you can start listening to a track on one device and continue from the same point on another. You can also turn on music on the computer and at the same time control the player from a smartphone.

 Does Spotify have any disadvantages?

If to look at the free Spotify app, you’ll definitely see some limitations of use:

  • Advertising inserts appear periodically
  • Songs in playlists and albums are played randomly
  • You cannot skip more than six tracks per hour
  • You will not be able to download music for offline listening
  • The maximum quality (320 kbps) can’t be selected.

As you can see, the restrictions are relatively soft and there is no feeling that the free version is formal and serves only to lure premiums. If that doesn’t suit you, there are four Spotify payment options: for students, for singles, for two, for families with a free trial period for 3 months.
However, by choosing a Premium subscription, you can forget about any limitations.

Spotify vs Apple Music vs Google Play Music

Spotify is different from other streaming music services: users can customize playlists, and the service also offers the most appropriate tracks for each person. The application interface is built on the selection of music according to individual preferences. Best of all, Spotify is free to use (if you are fine with limited functionality). As for Apple Music, users have a free trial period of three months.

Google Play Music can be played not only via apps on smartphones but also through the browser on the computer. The difference is that you have to pay for content, unlike Spotify. However, the service offers a month of free trial. In addition, music can be saved and listened to offline.
You also need to take into account that Spotify’s revenue comes not only from subscriptions. Part of it comes from advertising, which is placed between songs for users who preferred the free version. Could be annoying, ha?

How to get Spotify cheaper?

A monthly subscription in the U.S. costs $10. The price is compatibly high: Apple Music is three times cheaper. But there are a few tricks that can help you save a lot.

The first option is to arrange with friends or family and get a family subscription for five people.

But there is something more interesting — Spotify Premium Index changes from country to country!

For example, the $14.39 you used as a monthly fee in Denmark is different from the $4.61 charged in Malaysia. Subscriptions to Spotify are very cheap for residents of the Philippines — $2.93, although some artists may not be in the music library of this country. Here are some examples to compare prices around the world:

  • Indonesia $3.44
  • Thailand: $3.89
  • Brazil: $ 4.49
  • Mexico: $5.26
  • Malaysia: $6.15
  • Japan: $8.80
  • Australia: $8.90
  • Sweden: $11.18
  • France: $11.72
  • United Kingdom: $13.12.

The lowest price is in India, where a monthly subscription costs 119 rupees, which is equivalent to $1.58. Register an account with this location as your country. It is enough to choose a service that provides servers in India, for example, IP Vanish, and Spotify unblocked!

The best available VPN for Spotify

The more servers and countries a VPN service has in its network, the more options you get. That means you will be able to find the price you want to pay for a subscription (by choosing a certain location) or open the content for a specific region. For more information on basic features, see the article What Is a VPN?

Apparently, VPN helps to save money only when its price added to your current Spotify plan doesn’t exceed the subscription fee you are switching to. For example, if you save $5 by changing region, but your VPN costs $8 per month, it doesn’t make any sense. At the same time, there are excellent VPNs that offer everything you need for less money.

Here are a few services you should have a look at:

Ivacy VPN: $2.25/mo
Surfshark VPN: $2.49/mo
CyberGhost VPN: $2.75/mo

Just imagine: by installing any of VPN providers mentioned above and switching to the Indian IP address, you can get access to Spotify for less than $5!

Speaking the language of music

According to the company itself, Spotify, their apps are used by over 286 million people worldwide, including 130 million Spotify Premium subscribers as of 2020. In July 2020, it launched on the market of 13 new countries were added to the platform and the expansion continues.

However, if you have the feeling that the Premium plan for Spotify in your country is unfair in comparison to other regions, you can always fix it. Just choose one of the VPNs mentioned above, forget about overpaying, and enjoy the most popular music platform in the world!

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